Environmental Affairs

Functions & Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of the division include:

  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Products recycling
  • Stormwater quality management education
  • Environmental management systems
  • Compliance, remediation, and regulatory planning, to include program coordination, regulatory analysis, legislation, and program planning and evaluation


The mission of the Division of Environmental Affairs is to maintain and protect the environment through education and outreach programs, the collection and disposal of wastes, conservation of natural resources, and planning for the future environmental needs of the people who live, work, and do business in the Parish of Caddo.


  • To collect and dispose of wastes to meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • To promote integrated solid waste management through the appropriate use of recycling and resource recovery
  • To provide citizens with high-quality and cost-effective service in a timely, courteous, and reliable manner
  • To provide comprehensive environmental planning
  • To serve as a technical resource on environmental issues
  • To make the most of our diverse human resources through teamwork, training, individual development, and personal communication