The Engineering Division of Public Works is responsible for reviewing subdivision plats and development engineering plans and overseeing all construction to ensure that the Parish's infrastructure is built to Parish standards and adheres to approved plans and contract documents.

One of the major functions of the Parish government is to build and maintain a network of roads, drainage, and bridges in unincorporated areas of the Parish. In Caddo Parish, Public Works has the responsibility to construct and maintain approximately 830 miles of roads and 170 bridges. The Engineering Division supports these efforts by providing engineering, planning, environmental, inspection, and construction services.

Objective: To provide a cost-effective Capital Improvement Program in a timely manner that will provide roads, drainage, and safe and economical bridges. This will be accomplished professionally using the most efficient procedures possible by qualified and trained staff that are sensitive to the public needs. It is the goal of the division to maximize the use of the resources while streamlining the procedures providing for the safe and efficient completion of projects. We want to respond quickly and eliminate roadblocks allowing the division to process each project productively.