Report a Missing Road Sign

Keeping the Public Safe

Installation and maintenance of traffic control devices (road signs) is important to the driving public. Road signs on Caddo Parish roads are maintained by the Caddo Parish Fleet Services Department.

Report a Concern

To report a sign that is missing, vandalized, faded, illegible, twisted, damaged, pointing or facing in wrong direction, please use the Report a Concern online service. Your concern will be forwarded to the proper notification area and an email response will be sent to you once the issue has been assessed or resolved.

In Case of Immediate Danger

If this sign is an immediate public safety concern, (i.e. missing stop sign, do not enter sign or a one-way sign) please call the sign shop at 318-226-6936. Leave a message if no one answers, the voice mail is checked daily Monday through Friday.

During the evenings and weekends, please call the Caddo Sheriff’s Department at 318-681-0611.