Application Process

Application for Purchase of Adjudicated Property

Once you have located an adjudicated parcel, you will need to fill out an Application for Purchase. The Parish only accepts applications for parcels adjudicated for Parish or both Parish & City taxes. For City Only adjudication, you will need to contact the City of Shreveport at 318-673-6022.

The Procedures for Sealed Bid Application lists each step you must take in order to complete the process. All procedures are according to Parish Ordinance 5831 of 2018.

Application fees vary so it is advised to check with the Parish before submitting an application. Application fees must be paid by certified check or money order made payable to the ’Parish of Caddo’. 

Online Request
                                                                                 Permit Submit Opens in new window

Adjudicated Property / Redemption Request
It should be noted that an online request is just that, a request. A request does not establish an application.
 Redemption requests take additional days pending on the day of the month, the status of the property, and the CPSO notification.

Interested Party

All property to be sold at a public sale must be advertised for bid. All interested parties must turn in a sealed bid including a Bid Form by the advertised deadline specified on the Public Notice. All sealed bids must be in accordance with Parish ordinance 5831

Any person desiring to submit a bid for the purchase of tax title to the adjudicated property as provided above shall: (1) Submit in a sealed envelope a completed and signed adjudicated property bid form and certified funds (cashier’s check or money order) for the amount of the bid and estimated expenses of the sale(except for the original applicant who only shall include the amount of the bid). (2) Write on the outside of the sealed envelope the name, address, telephone number of the bidder, and the Assessor’s geo. number for the subject property. The amount of the bid shall not be written on the outside of the envelope. Any sealed envelope on which the amount of the bid is written or otherwise indicated shall be returned to the bidder unopened. (3) Deliver the sealed envelope by hand, mail, commercial courier, or other means to the Caddo Parish Department of Public Works at the address provided on the adjudicated property bid form by the date and time in the published notice. Bidders are responsible for the timely submission of their bids. Submissions received after that date and time shall be returned unopened to the address on the outside of the envelope.

Additional Details

All sales are listed in the Parish Official Journal. This year the Commission voted the Caddo Citizen out of Vivian to be this year’s official journal for Caddo Parish.

Our office is located at 505 Travis Street, Suite 820. For any questions, you may contact the Adjudicated Property Department at 318-226-6930.