Juvenile Probation Services


Youth commit crimes for different reasons than adults. While it is important to hold people accountable for their actions, it is also important to provide solutions that can prevent youth from further entering into a criminal lifestyle.

Youth can change and Juvenile Court is based on that assumption. The goal of probation is to provide community safety, accountability and treatment to all youth who fall under the supervision of Juvenile Court. Probation is there to help youth successfully fulfill court-ordered supervision and to prevent their return to the court system.

Our mission is to enhance the protection of the community by enforcing Court Orders to ensure the restoration of victims by imposing accountability for offenses committed and to equip juvenile offenders with the required competencies to live productively and responsibly in the community.

The Juvenile Probation Division is comprised of standard probation services, intensive probation and electronic monitoring services and three specialty courts (Juvenile Drug Court, Individualized Deferred Disposition “IDD” Court and Family Preservation Court).

Services Available to Juvenile Offenders

  • Probation Supervision
  • Juvenile Drug Court
  • Family Preservation Court
  • Individualized Deferred Disposition (IDD) Court
  • Mental Health Assessment Center
  • Restorative Justice Diversion Program
  • Misdemeanor and Truancy Referral Center
  • Electronic Monitoring and Intensive Supervision