VolunteerAs a volunteer you can look forward to making a huge impact in saving animal lives!! You are needed on the team that supports the humane movement!!

Through positive influence and education we can promote animal compassion and put an end to animal cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia!!

There are many things to do, from cleaning in order to protect animals from deadly disease, to helping them find new homes.

As a Volunteer Staff Member, the animals depend on you to devote a few hours every week!!

We have two types of volunteers.

Volunteer Staff Member

We ask that you be willing to fill a volunteer time block (usually three hours a week) on a day that is convenient for you, or be able to help with special events.

You must be at least 18 years of age and follow the volunteer guidelines. A volunteer staff member can help by:

  • Helping to transport and care for animals at offsite adoption sites around the local area.
  • Socialize with our animals by exercising them, giving treats, training them, petting and playing with them.
  • Help set up classroom workshops and fun educational presentations when we go into schools and communities.
  • Cleaning may not be fun, but help is needed to keep the shelter free of communicable animal disease.
  • Grooming and washing the animals helps socialize and prevent spread of disease at the same time!!

Traditional Volunteer

You simply come to the shelter at your convenience. If you are not 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult. Traditional volunteers can help by:

  • Cleaning the adoption areas to help keep them healthy.
  • Socializing them to keep them friendly and happy!!
  • Grooming, and training them to make them more desirable.
  • Assisting customers with adoption
  • Washing mats, animal dish bowls and pet beds also, to prevent deadly disease

Girl with puppy

We consider all of our Volunteer Members a part of our team and as a token of appreciation they receive:

  • Milestone awards
  • Achievement awards
  • Various certificates
  • Public service awards
  • Award pins and more

Volunteer Application Form