Stray Cats

There is no leash law in Caddo Parish for cats.  Cats are permitted toSad Cat roam freely without a fence but should remain on the owner's property.  They also need to be neutered or spayed, vaccinated for rabies, and properly tagged.

There is no limit to the number of cats a person can own as long as they do not create a nuisance. However, all cats over four months of age must be vaccinated against rabies and properly tagged. 


Citizens may lawfully place humane animal traps on their private property to capture stray cats that may enter. However, trapped cats must be transported by the citizen to the Animal Shelter. Once the animal is brought to the Shelter it is accepted without charge. 

Animal Services has a limited number of cat traps available to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a refundable $50.00 deposit required for a trap.

Stray or feral cats surrendered to us will be evaluated for potential adoption, evaluated for a potential trap-neuter-return candidate, or may be euthanized after the appropriate hold period. If you are planning to utilize our TNR services, please do so between Monday and Thursday. This will decrease the cat's length of stay in our facility as no surgeries are completed on the weekends.

Fines & Penalties

Abandoning animals is animal cruelty. To abandon an animal that has been trapped is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 or by both imprisonment and a fine.