Foster Care

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The foster care volunteer plays a special part in saving lives at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter. Many of the animals that come to CPAS are not ready to be adopted into new homes because they are injured, ill, too young, too small, un-socialized, pregnant, and/or orphaned.

To keep these animals at the shelter to rehabilitate them is not always in the best interest of the animals. For instance, tiny kittens and puppies at CPAS could be exposed to life threatening viruses. Young animals with broken limbs would not receive the important socialization needed in that time of their life.

That's where the foster care volunteer comes in. These volunteers are highly committed people who give weeks or months of their time to homeless animals needing extra care.

Foster parents will always become emotionally involved with the animal they are caring for. It is important that foster parents understand that sometimes an animal will not survive, even with the best of care. Each foster parent will handle this differently. Please feel free to discuss your feelings with the Foster Care Coordinator or Public Relations Specialist.

Overall Responsibility of the Foster Home

Foster homes are responsible for providing a warm, safe place for foster animals. They are responsible for providing socialization for the pets in their care, teaching good behavior to the animals while monitoring and guarding their health.

Time Commitment

People who work 9-5 can often be wonderful foster parents. When a mother cat or dog is part of the equation there is little for a foster parent to do but observe her and her kittens or puppies. Kittens and puppies without the mother to nurse them require around the clock care.

Time commitment for other animals will vary depending on the individual animal's needs.

If you are interested in or want more information, about our Foster Care Volunteer Program, please contact the Humane Coordinator or the Shelter Supervisor.

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