The Parish of Caddo uses the ordinances Chapter 48 as the guideline to approving subdivisions. Public Works has four divisions that review plats submitted. Once approved, the Public Works Director will sign the plat.

Approval Process

The following is a brief guideline for submission.

  • Review ordinance Chapter 48
  • Submit proposed plat and construction plans with specs to the Caddo Parish Right-of-Way Agent
  • The approval process usually takes about 10 business days. After which, you can
    check back with the Permit Office on the status.
  • After all corrections and changes are made, the plat can be signed with appropriate
    fees paid.
  • Return mylar for proper recording with Public Works Permit Office.

Proposed Parish Roads

The subdivisions with proposed public roads, the following are a few guidelines to follow during
design and construction.

  • Review Ordinance Chapter 48
  • Be sure to install or construct what was proposed and approved only.
  • Ensure proper Parish Inspection is coordinated.