49 Corridor Zoning

I-49 Corridor Interchange Districts

There are three primary Interchange district specifications being proposed for the I-49 corridor.  
IN-1 - Around I-49 interchanges and within 1 mile of I-49, primary usage is for interstate commerce.
IN-2 - Around I-49 corridor and within 1 mile from the interchanges, for local business use and traffic.
IN-R - Areas beyond 1 mile and up to 3 miles of the I-49 interchange, primarily for rural use.

All developments will require a proposed site plan with specified required information, including but not limited to: drainage plan, contours, external vegetation and facility design. All developments (with a few exceptions within the Interchange district) are subject to review by either Parish staff and/or the Parish Commission. For more details regarding commission required approval, see the public release PDF below.

Special case zoning may be proposed. Request for special approval must be given to Parish Staff, who in turn will propose approval, approval with conditions, or denial, to the Parish Commission.

See additional information attached below regarding mobile home parks, solar panels, turbines and billboard/signage placement within Interchange Area. 

Public Release Draft Information

Interstate 49 Corridor Zoning District Map

Interstate 49 Corridor Land Use Regulation