Flood Safety

Prepare Yourself
Preparing for a flood event involves protecting the lives of Caddo Parish residents. Below are essential resources and protocols to assist in keeping you and your family safe.

Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

As little as one foot of water can carry your vehicle. Water may be deeper than it appears as it may be covering a collapsed roadway. Watch a video and read more on this topic from the National Weather Service.

Keep out of Floodwaters

From the Caddo Parish Hazard Mitigation Plan:

Major health concerns are also associated with floods. Floodwaters can transport materials such as dirt, oil, animal waste, and chemicals (e.g., farm, lawn, and industrial) that may cause illnesses of various degrees when coming in contact with humans. Floodwaters can also infiltrate sewer lines and inundate wastewater treatment plants, causing sewage to backup and creating a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.  This infiltration may also cause water supplies to become contaminated and undrinkable.

Download and view the Caddo Parish Hazard Mitigation Plan

Subscribe to the Caddo Parish Emergency Alert Center or see below current alerts.

You will choose to be notified by email or text during an emergency.

Follow essential guidelines from the University of New Orleans Repetitive Flood Portal.

This page contains detailed directions for your loved ones and yourself, including steps for making a plan, instructions to follow after receiving an evacuation order, and tips on gathering supplies. For additional information, visit the Ready.gov Floods page.

Don’t wait

The best outcome depends on preparing NOW. Do not wait until an emergency to make a plan.

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