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  1. The Caddo Parish GIS Department only covers Caddo Parish and the municipalities it encompasses. Do to the administrative and maintenance cost of producing maps, each is priced by its relative size. You may also visit our office located one block north of the Caddo Parish Courthouse in the Government Plaza building at 505 Travis Street in Suite 820. It is best to call for an appointment prior to arrival.
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  4. Please specify the type of map you are requesting. Include all feature layers that you need the size and number of copies. Also give boundaries if needed.
  5. The Caddo Parish Commission will produce maps of desired areas in Caddo Parish according to the following pricing schedule. When ordering a map please allow 24 hours for production.

    Payment for maps will be required before any maps are produced.
    Call 318-226-6930 for payment options

    Pricing Schedule for Plots:
    Letter size Original Plot = $2.00 ea.
    22” x 34” – Original Plot = $24.00 ea. 11” x 17” – Original Plot = $8.00 ea.
    17” x 22” – Original Plot = $16.00 ea. 28” x 40” – Original Plot = $55.00 ea.
    34” x 44” – Original Plot = $65.00 ea.
    $10.00 ea. for PDF (Letter Size) of Township, Range, & Section

  6. Disclaimer
    The Caddo Parish Commission does not condone the reproduction or duplication of any Caddo Parish Commission map except by Commission personnel. The Caddo Parish Commission Public Works Department has no control and is not responsible for the accuracy of the graphics depicted on any map produced in this office.
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